Crime scene


Black & Decker

Strong 1970’s Black & Decker packaging.



Original Boots photographic catalogue from 1969 found in my Granddad’s study; beautiful.




Beautiful film from Salzar for Red Bull Media House about Theo Jansen.

Fred & Valerie

Went to a talk by Eric Kessels about his in almost every picture series a few weeks ago. Fred & Valerie feature in No. 11; the postcard says it all.

New, old work

A forgotten about Uni project trying to answer the question of what happens after graduation. I documented the car-journey home, taking a photograph out of the passenger window every 5 minutes.

Another project I forgot to post about when it happened. Collaboration between Daniel Eatock, Andy Holden & Ice, Sea, Dead People. Video by Aris Maleas, Vasia Ntoulia & Vincent Descourtieux. Strong. 

5 D’s of design

Still in the development stage.

The last days of Nowhereisland

Nowhereisland arrived in Bristol yesterday along with it’s mobile embassy; nice touch with the box of Ferrero Rocher. I’m now a proud Nowherian - join me and 21,401 others here.